Here's What Others Are Saying?

I met with Melinda to design and purchase my monument. I’m the first to admit I know what I want but sometimes have a hard time having my expectations met. Melinda was so patient with me and understood my design and worked with me until it was exactly what I wanted. Everything went smoothly and she met me out at the cemetery when it was being delivered. I could not be happier with the entire process and end result. Melinda is a kind person that is in the perfect profession of helping people. I highly recommend Melinda and Worthington Monuments to everyone.

Sandra J.

I just APPROVED my design!  It’s beautiful and thank you Barbara so much for your help putting it all together for me.  I love it! 

Judy P. - Arlington, TX

Thank you so much for your help Barbara. I really enjoyed you helping me sort through all my old photographs! I am so anxious to see it! I will be ordering 2 more soon.

Linda L. - Colleyville, TX

Thank you again, Barb, for everything you have done so far — going out to the cemetery to find Daddy’s stone, measuring it, figuring out what would complement it and showing us our options.

Melinda R. - Princeton, NJ

I’m so excited! I love it!!… go take an extra long lunch!…

Carol K. - Arlington, TX

Thanks so much Barb for meeting with me and my sons. We do enjoy the final product.

Eva G. - Desoto, TX

I’ve been putting this off for so long! I’m glad it’s finally done! Thanks so much for your help Barb, it looks great!

Lois C. - Hurst, TX

Thank you Mrs. Barbara for working with me and for investing all your time.

James N. - Grand Prairie, TX

We just came back from the cemetery and we LOVE it! It’s so beautiful! Thank you so much Barb for designing this and for working with us. Please tell your craftsmen how much we appreciate their skills and talent! It truly is beautiful. Now our children in the future won’t have to deal with this – it’s done! Thanks again!

Jane J. - Arlington, TX

Thank you for getting this for me so quickly! I really appreciate it.

Cheryl J. - Cedarhill, TX

Thank you Barb for meeting with me and my family. I appreciate all your time and help with our designs.

Juanita R. - Grand Prairie, TX

There’s one thing off my “to-do” list!!! Thanks a lot! I don’t know if I’m coming or going?!… Now off to another…

David I. - Arlington, TX

I know I have been a very difficult person, and I am sorry for that. I really appreciate you Mrs. Barbara… Thank you for continuing to work with me… No really, thank you.

Azhar A. - Irving, TX

My husband passed away November 4, 2020 & I had no doubt who to go see about his monument. It had to be Melinda Fowler, no question. From the moment I walked into her office, she made me feel at ease. Even though it was a time when on the inside I was devastated, Melinda made me feel cared for. She was so patient, never pushy. We discussed what I wanted. My husband was buried next to my parents & I wanted his monument to compliment theirs. I left her office that first day with a pretty good idea of what I wanted.

Over the course of a few days talking with my daughter about what we wanted written on the stone. I sent a few “rough” sketches to Melinda of my ideas, I am no artist so they truly were “very rough”. Melinda would send back to me the computer images of my wants. My youngest granddaughter, then 10, drew an image of an angel. I sent that to Melinda & she took it from there. The finished product was beautiful. Melinda is always available. 

Melinda is an absolute treasure to our community. She learned from the best, her father, Nick .  I always recommend Melinda to friends and family when in need of monuments for their loved ones. 

Angie B.

This was one of the hardest things I ever had to go through, thank you so much Barb for your support as I am still healing.

Elana K. - Cedar Hill, TX

Wow, thanks for the quick service! This has been such an emotional time for me, and thanks again Barb for meeting with me on such a short notice. The sign looks great!

Kenn A. - Mansfield, TX

I could hug and kiss you!…(crying) I love it so much! Thank you! Thank you so much for helping me during this worst time in my life! I miss her so much! Thank you!…(more crying) It is done! It’s so beautiful! Please tell your entire crew at Worthington Monuments how much I really appreciate this!! I need to hug and kiss you!! Thanks again!!

Richard M. - Arlington, TX

Thank you so much for working with me Barb. It looks wonderful.

Susan A. - Dallas, TX

I’m glad it’s finally done! Now my son has a proper memorial! Thanks Barb for designing this for me, and please tell your guys again they did an awesome job installing it! Please let Matt know I am very happy and pleased! The wait was well worth it, thank you all so very much! I’ll be sending more people your way!

Shawn S. - Arlington, TX

I’ve been putting this off for so long. Thanks so much Barb for helping me with the design, I can’t wait until it is done.

Tianna J. - Arlington, TX


Kyle Y. - Arlington, TX

Thank you for working with us. We appreciate all your hard work.

Vita S. - Euless, TX

Thanks so much Barb for helping us out with these wonderful designs. We appreciate your time invested so far…

Marko V. - Arlington, TX