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Granite and Garden Stone Pet Memorials

Honor your pet with a beautiful granite pet memorial. Whether dog or cat, your four-legged friend left more than just their paw prints on your heart. As pet owners, we know that these little furry companions were there for us when we needed them most.

We loved them like family while they were here on this earth. Once they have passed, we must honor them like family.

In this article, we will be covering the basics of granite memorial design, both dog memorials, and cat memorials. River rock garden stones, as well as where to get the best pet memorial engraving in North Texas. Never let a cherished memory of your furry friend become lost or forgotten. Tell their story in stone and preserve it for generations to know exactly how much of a good boy they were.

Throughout North Texas, we have furnished pet memorials for many grieving pet owners. Speak with a designer now and someone from our dedicated Memorial Design staff will be right with you. Even if your beloved animal was cremated, we have options for embedding their remains in beautiful polished granite monuments.

Granite Pet Memorial Design

A granite monument is the top of the line when it comes to honoring anyone or any special pet. These memorials are built with a large upright top resting atop a granite base. Starting from the front polished surface, we engrave an image of your pet from any picture you have. Then we equally space their name and important dates below along with any sort of epitaph or kind words you would like engraved.

This type of pet memorial offers a wide range of other engravings that can also accompany the above basics. Essentially, every polished surface has the ability to be engraved upon. Depending on the story you would like to tell, we can even carve away some of the edges or shape carve angels into the stone. Personalization and customization of your pet memorial can be most easily accomplished when designing a granite monument.

We loved them like family while they were here on this earth. Once they have passed, we must honor them like family.

River Rock Garden Stones

Designing an engraved river rock is a simple and cost-effective way to memorialize your beloved pet. Each river rock is uniquely and naturally shaped. Pulled from the Brazos and Red Rivers, we only source these stones from Texas-based providers to tell the story of our past furry Texans. Perfect for any garden or flower bed, these unique memorials will help you and your family remember your lost dog or cat for generations.

Although we may be limited in space, these small river stones can surely honor any pet you may have lost, and help you tell their whole story. Commonly, this type of memorial is engraved with the pet’s name and date of passing. Some of our past pet memorial stones we have engraved also include paw prints or pictures of your pet. Others are just best suited to have the singular name they went by.

Boscoe Pet Upright Memorial

Dog Memorials

The canine we choose in this life is our companion forever. Some have even said that because these precious animals are “man’s best friend”, they actually choose us and are here to guide us through our trials and tribulations. Our dogs somehow knew exactly how to comfort us and snuggle us when we were feeling down. They were our family and now must be honored as such.

As you can see with our various examples of past stones, an honorable dog headstone is one that best fits the beloved pup. As pet lovers, we absolutely fell in love with our big dog Boscoe. He had a joyous personality and even helped us raise our kids. Bringing that much joy to our lives was the reason that he needed such a large memorial. Boscoe meant the world to us and we felt this memorial truly honored him.

Cat Memorials

Our feline friends are no lesser than their canine counterparts, they just simply helped guide us through many different times in our lives. Their purrs and warm embrace calmed our moods and showed us how to both love and give space to those around us. Our lost felines were both delicate and fierce. Both, loyal to their caretakers and fiercely defensive to threats.

Like those examples of the dog headstones, our personalized river rocks make great final resting memorials. The cat’s name and date of passing are both common engravings. Many before have even gotten a little more creative with paw prints or whiskers that more spoke to their cat’s personality and playfulness.

Pet Memorial Engraving in North Texas

No matter the pet that is lost, creating a personalized pet memorial to honor them and tell their story is paramount. Telling that story in a beautifully engraved river rock or granite memorial is by far the best way to do so.

We here at Worthington Monuments would love to help tell that story. As a leader in the North Texas Area for memorial keepsakes, our engraving work is award-winning and long-lasting. These stunning stone tributes last for generations. These stories in stone will adorn your beloved pet’s cremation urn, garden burial, or cemetery plot.

Even for those looking for pet memorial gifts, an engraved river rock works very well. Looking into other pet memorial gifts? Take a look at our memorial keepsakes. Bronze emblems make for lovely pet memorial jewelry to honor your furry friend. Overall, we are here to help you tell your pet’s story. So once we have designed the perfect memorial, we engrave it to last forever.

Get started building your pet memorial by looking over our previously designed stones. Then come by one of our 6 convenient North Texas Area locations to meet with a memorial designer.

Some Of Our Most Precious Memorials

Sam Pet Memorial Garden Stone
Simon Pet Memorial Garden Stone
Lucky Pet Memorial Garden Stone
Sparky Image Pet Memorial
Charlie Portrait Pet Memorial
Gracie Pet Memorial Garden Stone

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