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There is no grander story to be told than the one of a fully customized upright monument. With so much surface area that could be customized, you can be sure that you will be able to tell your loved one’s whole life story. Now, think and really conjure up a really fantastic memory that you shared with your loved one. Or, think about if they had a favorite activity, like fishing or hiking. 

Just about any scene can be created on the polished face of a granite monument. With a monument so customizable you can really let your imagination run wild in order to allow your future ancestors to know that story as well.

Whether you call it a headstone, gravestone, tombstone, memorial, or grave marker, we are experienced in making your or your loved one’s memorial perfect.  We offer several monument styles ranging from traditional to modern to completely custom.  We only use the highest quality materials inducing granite, marble, and bronze combined with skilled craftsmanship.

Companion Monuments

A Companion Monument is one that honors two individuals on the same upright memorial. Likely to be built using a larger slab of granite, this style of monument can reside on just one burial plot or be centered over two adjacent plots. 

As you can see with the Longren Companion Stone, shown here, Horace and Elaine loved each other in this life and will continue loving each other in the next. Their love signified by the double heart shape of the upright itself. The Longren’s were also devout Christians and wanted to share their names on the open book representations of what they called “Heaven’s Guest-list”  

If you are interested in learning more about designing your own companion monument, please follow the links to that page below. If you require any assistance, our friendly North Texas monument designers are always here to help. 

Longren Double Heart Upright Monuments
  • Field Angel Upright Memorial

Monuments For a Single Individual

If you are building a monument for a single individual, you will have a ton of space to tell their whole story. All sides of the memorial can be customized with either a polished surface for engraving or rock pitching for a more natural stone look. What matters is telling the story of your loved one to the fullest, and with nearly unlimited personalization, we can tell their story for generations. The cemetery you place their memorial in will likely have some general restrictions that we need to build within, but overall the stone is completely customizable.

Most monuments for a single person will reside at the top of the burial plot or the “Head” of the plot, thus, the reason it is sometimes called a “headstone”. With the example shown here for Ms. Jean Marie Field, her family chose our black granite to offer the highest level of contrast for her custom carved angel. The angel is carved from white marble and permanently attached to the polished granite base. 

As mentioned, a monument for one person can be customized in a thousand different ways to help tell your loved one’s story in stone. Learn more about Monuments for a single individual here

Monument Carvings & Customization

Our Monument Carvings can come directly from the monument itself, or be a stand-alone piece that is later attached. Most commonly, an angel, saint, or depiction of Jesus Christ is carved into the monument to accompany the family names and help guide them through to the next life. 

At Worthington Monuments, we hand carve almost all of our monument carvings and their details last for generations. The carvings themselves are cut from the background of the monument and are inlayed. You can notice the recesses on both the Agasea Family Monument and the Storms Family Monument engravings. 

The level of personalization that went into both of these granite carvings was only possible with our experience in stone work and either family’s personal stories to help bring them to life. If you are interested in adding a Monument Carving & Customization to your family’s monument please reach out to our expert Monument Designers to go over the details. 

  • Agasea Family Upright Monument
  • Storms Carved Angel Gravestone

Some of Our
Award-Winning Work

Storms Carved Angel Gravestone
Longren Double Heart Upright Monuments
Purdy Heart Upright Memorial
Faren Custom Upright Gravestone
Miller Companion Custom Monument
Field Angel Upright Memorial
Bissett Praying Statue Monument
Rymer Custom Hearts Gravestone
Angel Embrace Upright Gravestone
Berens Loving Upright Memorial
Curran Angel Upright Memorial
Deming Custom Upright Headstone
Bauer Family Upright Gravestone
Cameron Custom Upright Gravestone
Petermeier Custom Headstone
Nebel Pious Statue Memorial
Zirbes Carved Upright Headstone
Megellan Floral Upright Gravestone
Paxton Cross Upright Headstone
Agasea Family Upright Monument
Easton Angel Custom Memorial
Rice Statue Upright Monument
Bates Heart Upright Headstone
Jansen Carved Rose Gravestone

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