Longren Double Heart Upright Headstone


Their is no grander story to be told then the one that of a fully customized upright monument. With so much surface area that could be customized, you can be sure that you will be able to tell your loved ones whole story. Now, think and really conjure up a really fantastic memory that you shared with your loved one. Or, think about if they had a favorite activity, like fishing or hiking. 

Just about any scene can be created on the polished face of a granite monument. With a monument so customizable you can really let your imagination run wild in order to allow your future ancestors to know that story as well.

Whether you call it a headstone, gravestone, tombstone, memorial or grave marker, we are experienced in making yours or your loved one’s memorial perfect.  We offer several monument styles ranging from traditional to modern to completely custom.  We only use the highest quality materials inducing granite, marble and bronze combined with skilled craftmanship.

Some of our award winning work

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Longren Double Heart Upright Headstone
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