Granite Memorials For Two People

A granite memorial for two people is a beautiful way to memorialize a shared life story of companionship. That shared story deserves an elegant memorial that will last for generations. Our family of memorialists is here to help tell that story of companionship for any of our lost North Texas couples. Our Granite Memorials come with the promise of lasting many lifetimes. Worthington Monuments has supplied North Texas loved ones with beautiful memorials for years. In this article, we will take a deeper dive into granite memorials for two people their sizes, engraving styles, and colors. All will be explained below, so let’s get started.
  • Allison Scroll Flat Monument
  • Granite Memorials For Two People: McReynolds Natural Headstone
Granite Memorials For Two People: Morris Inscribed Upright Monument
Granite Memorials For Two People: McReynolds Natural Headstone
Granite Memorials For Two People: Walters Faithful Flat Monument
Granite Memorials For Two People: Pederson Slanted Upright Memorial

Granite Memorials For Two People: Typical Sizes

In designing a granite memorial for two people, as mentioned before, we will have the full polished surface to design on. That polished surface needs to be a little bigger for a couple’s full story than that of the memorials for one person. To that effect, we usually begin the process on a 28″x16″ slab at a minimum. For those looking for just names and dates, a smaller 24″x12″ may work but it will limit the space.

Our sizes for Granite Memorials for Two People are as follows: 

  • Width (Left to Right) x Length (Front to back) 
  • 24″x12″
  • 28″x16″
  • 29″x22″
  • 36″x14″
  • 48″x14″ 

*All sizes are 3″ thick and for our flat grave markers and are set level to the ground.

For our bevel grave markers, the sizes follow the same width and length measurements above. The difference is bevel grave markers for two have a 4″ front and a 6″ back. They are not set flush to the ground rather they are set atop the ground. Still in the same top portion of the grave.  

As far as burial plots go, couples are likely buried adjacent to one another. Because of this placement, most cemeteries in North Texas will allow you to span both graves with one gravestone. This will allow plenty of space for the larger sized memorials (36″ wide and above) 

 Briefly, on the full burial plot cover, we do have the ability to source granite slabs of up to 48″x89″, also known as a full ledger. The larger companion markers are likely to need to be custom ordered so please bear in mind that building a larger personalized gravestone may take longer to get set. 

Granite Memorials For Two People: Engraving Styles

In all of our granite memorial styles, we tend to focus on contrast. We want the design to stand out as well as legibly tell your loved one’s story. With the letters or text in mind, we want to either engrave the letters deeply into the stone or sink the background or “frosted panel” leaving the letters in the same fine polish as the original top. Either way, each is built to last. It then comes down to the overall design. 

Depending on how much of the negative space you are looking for, the frosted panel may be small as with the Hermanson family stone or very large, leaving the polish as mostly just a border as with the Allison family example shown. 

In the case of different shapes of our granite memorials, for our line of Bevel Granite Memorials; Hermanson & Miller examples, you will also have the option to choose the side polish style. The sides shown in both examples are called “rock pitched” which have a more natural look to them. Conversely, we do also offer full polished sides as a design option. For more on this please consult one of our local Texas Memorial Designers.  

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Choosing the right granite color

The granite color you choose to engrave on truly tells the other half of the story. We have a multitude of color options from all over the world. Those colors do include many stones quarried from right here in the United States.

Throughout this article, we have touched on one common theme with each design and that is contrast. Where one of the lighter granites may be more cost-effective, the darker granite colors such as Import Black, Galaxy, Fuji Blue, and Blue Pearl offer the most contrast. Thus, years from now when the memorial is visited the engraving will still stand out very prominently. 

All of the colors are available and ready to be built into your loved one’s unique and personalized monument. Reach out today and have our friendly memorial design staff get you started. 

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