Granite Memorials Accessories

At Worthington Monuments, the granite memorial you choose to design, while beautiful, can only tell so much of the story. For those looking to add a special statement and make their memorial truly unique, we recommend adding one or two of our granite memorial accessories. 

Our Granite Vases, Porcelain Portraits, and Bronze Keepsakes all add that special pop of uniqueness that you may be looking for. 

In this article we are going to cover:

  1. Granite and Bronze Vase Additions
  2. Porcelain Portraits 
  3.  Bronze Keepsake Additions
Granite Memorial Accessories

Granite Memorial Accessories:
Granite and Bronze vAses

After your loved one’s memorial is crafted and set in the cemetery, we find that if you have chosen to add a vase to the design, it makes for more of a living memorial. The vase is guaranteed to last as long as the memorial and will stand, proudly holding the seasonal flowers provided by either you (The family) or through the specific cemetery’s flower program. 

We offer granite vases in every granite color to either match the memorial’s color or potentially contrast to add that special unique flair. For those building a bronze flat grave marker, we can also match the polished/sculpted look of the bronze memorial with the bronze vase. Please see our bronze vase options below for some inspiration. 

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Granite Memorial Accessories: Porcelain Portraits

Where a picture says a thousand words, adding a porcelain portrait of your loved one to their memorial will say that same thousand words for generations to come. These portraits are simple, long-lasting additions to any bronze or granite memorial that host either a single photo of your loved one or a larger scene of their favorite place. 

We can have small ovals of each of your loved one’s over their names and dates or inlay a complete panel to cover and mount to the stone. When we take a step towards porcelain, we open up the options to be 100% full color and theoretically endless. 

Choosing the right granite color

The granite color you choose to engrave on truly tells the other half of the story of your loved one. We have a multitude of color options from all over the world. Those colors do include many quarried from right here in the United States and are guaranteed to last.

Throughout this article, we have touched on one common theme: uniqueness. Where one of the lighter granites may be more cost-effective, the darker granite colors such as Import Black, Galaxy, Fuji Blue, and Blue Pearl offer the most contrast. Thus, years from now when the memorial is visited the engraving will still stand out very prominently, but will ultimately be unique to your loved one. 

All of the colors are available and ready to be built into your loved one’s unique monument. Reach out today and have our friendly memorial design staff get you started. 

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