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Granite Memorials

When it comes time to lay your loved one to rest, we can help you tell their story by honoring them with a beautiful Granite Memorial.

Granite Memorials are long-lasting polished granite slabs that can be used to depict just about any triumph your loved one had. With its available top surface, we have plenty of space to engrave every detail. 

In this article, we are going to cover granite memorial design for one person, granite memorial design for two people, granite memorial engravings and carvings, and granite memorial features and accessories. 

Table of Contents

  1. Granite Memorial Design for One Person
  2. Granite Memorial Design for Two People
  3. Granite Memorial Engravings and Carvings
  4. Granite Memorial Features & Accessories

At Worthington Monuments, we prefer to work one on one with families when designing granite markers, monuments, and memorials. Because there are so many variables in customization, we have found this to be the optimal method that results in superior final monuments.

Granite Memorial Design for One Person

In designing a granite memorial for one person, we first and foremost start with the memorialized person’s name. The two most common variations of this are just a standard name engraving or a larger surname centered with the first and middle names below. 

As you can see with the Benton granite memorial, pictured, the family chose to use the standard full name. They also chose to engrave into a frosted panel design with engraved flowers. Mr. Benton was a devote Christian and Lutheran so the family chooses to have the church window shape carved into the left corner. 

Each of the engraved portions shown are destined to last for over 7 generations telling the story of Mr. Benton for years to come. To dig deeper into the design aspects of memorials for one person click learn more.

Granite Memorial Design for Two People

In designing a granite memorial for two people, not unlike the memorials for one person, we start with the memorialized couple’s names. The most common depiction being a larger surname centered towards the top with the first and middle names below. Each companion will then share the stone with their stories guiding the design on either side.

As we can see with the Hermanson companion memorial, the Hermanson shared surname is largely engraved and centered at the top of the memorial. Both Martin and Bernice are listed with their corresponding dates on either side of the lower portion. Where Mr. Hermanson has already passed, Bernice is pictured as still living. 

This is a common case where one portion of the beloved couple will pass, and0 live on in the other’s memory. This is a very difficult but common time to get a gravestone placed on a joint burial plot. Mrs. Hermanson already knew she would be buried alongside her husband and therefore went ahead and had her story engraved as well. 

The unique personalization that the Hermanson family created was in depicting the couple’s shared love of gardening. And to that point, Bernice and Martin had already decided that they would engrave Bernice’s favorite flower, the rose, spanning across the stone. 

To dive a little deeper and go into more of the specifics of Granite Memorials for Two People, click learn more. 

Granite Memorial Engraving and Carvings

With granite memorial engravings and carvings, we can really start to tell a lot of the memorialized’s story.  The balance we must strike in building a granite memorial is that of both legibility and uniqueness. 

We strive to design memorials that are both stunning and convey the whole story of those memorialized. 

In all of our examples shown, we make use of the frosted panel. This specialized panel allows the engraved text to really stand out. The panel can be a standard rectangle or embellished and designed to flow with the border. 

As we see with the Miller and Pederson granite memorials, the panels are embellished and woven into each general design. The Miller panel is woven into the cross engraving. The Pederson panel is completely changed into a heavenly scroll with flowers on the border. 

No matter the story, Worthington Monuments can tie it all together and strike that flow in the granite memorial design. 

To dive a little deeper into granite memorial engravings and carvings, click learn more.  

Granite Memorial: Features and Accessories

Our Granite Memorials are actually the most common memorial grave stones used in North Texas cemeteries. The common grey, black, red headstones cover Texas cemetery grounds by the thousands. 

Because of this, we need to truly make your loved one’s memorial unique if we are to both tell their story and have it stand out in the crowd. This is where adding a memorial accessory comes in. 

Adding our most popular accessory; the bronze or granite vase gives you a permanent place to hold flowers left in tribute to your loved one. Some cemeteries will even have monthly plans for seasonal flowers to always be displayed. 

To dive a little deeper into our Bronze and Granite Vases and learn how they can be utilized in your loved one’s memorial, click learn more. 

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