Calvary Hill Cemetery, Dallas

About Calvary Hill Cemetery, Dallas

 Calvary Hill Cemetery, which was purchased by the Catholic Diocese, saw its first interment on December 18, 1926. Calvary Hill Funeral Home was constructed in 2001. 

Located at 3235 Lombardy Lane in northwest Dallas, the cemetery was established by Bishop Joseph Patrick Lynch when it became apparent that the existing Calvary Cemetery on Hall Street was no longer adequate to serve the needs of the growing Catholic community in Dallas. The new cemetery, which includes the original Letot family cemetery, was dedicated on All Souls’ Day in 1929. When Calvary Hill Cemetery opened, a Priests’ Circle was established for the interment of members of the clergy, and many were relocated from Old Calvary.

In 1966, the first of several mausoleums was dedicated by Bishop Thomas K. Gorman, including a chapel for committal services and reflection. In 2009, the remains of former bishops of Dallas were entombed in the chapel.

Most of the religious orders in our area have designated sections for burial in Calvary Hill, and some of the oldest and most prominent Catholic families in the region have members interred here. A beautiful altar depicting the scene of the crucifixion stands in the park and was erected in 1930 and expresses the theme of the cemetery. The annual All Souls’ Day and Memorial Day masses were celebrated at this altar until 1967 when they were moved to be held in the new mausoleum chapel which had been built in 1966.


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