Designing a Bronze Memorial For One Person

Welcome to the Worthington Monuments Memorial Design Series. In today’s article, we will be focusing on designing bronze memorials for one person. There are many aspects of creating memorials for a single individual. Here is what we will be covering today-

  • Overall sizing requirements for Flat Bronze Markers
  • The Basic Design of Bronze Memorials for Graves
  • Added features of single person gravestones
  • Flat Bronze Grave Marker add-ons and Accessories
  • Finding a quality bronze memorial maker in North Texas

If, while building your loved one’s monument, you find any or all of this information helpful to you and your family, please reach out, so that our professional staff can help guide you through the engraving and crafting process.

Jose Roses Bronze Gravestone

Sizing Requirements for Flat Bronze Markers

Typically, a bronze marker for a single person is custom fit to a smaller granite grave marker (28″ x 16″). These smaller flat markers make for a subtle but profound representation of your loved one’s life story. As far as the actual size of the bronze, we prefer to leave a 2″ margin around all sides of the marker. This means that for a 28″ x 16″ stone, the actual bronze face will be 24″ x 12″. This 24×12 is the smallest we can make a bronze marker to fit within the flat marker sections of many North Texas cemeteries.

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  • Frazier Masonic Bronze Memorial
  • Lynn Butterfly Bronze Gravestone
  • Lynn Nature Bronze Memorial
  • George Rose Bronze Headstone
  • Henry Rose Bronze Gravestone
  • Phan Bronze Gravestone

The Basic Design of Bronze Memorials for Graves Sites

In designing our memorials, we begin with your loved one’s information (Full name, Date of birth, & Date of Passing) and expand the design from that point. Most of the bronze memorials we design end up with a signifying border, and emblems of descriptive phrases that help tell the story of your loved one. While space may be limited, we are able to maximize it and create a design that captures the essence of their story.
Almost all of the bronze markers we design will have the letters, numbers, and/or signifying elements raised and polished to protrude from the darkened bronze field. The darkened field aids in adding contrast, thereby allowing your chosen words and text to stand out. The finished design is then sent to our artisan bronze forge. Here, the design is cast from a bronze mold and is then shipped back to us for mounting and setting. Upon arrival, your new bronze marker is mounted on the granite memorial of your choosing and set in place at the head of your loved one’s burial plot.

Added Features of Single Person Gravestones

Before we can complete your design, we need to make you aware of the full host of options available. A bronze monument for one person needs to be completely different than that of the next. To accomplish this, we need your help in telling your loved one’s unique story so that their bronze memorial is special.
In order to make your loved one’s marker more unique, you have the option to add design elements that represent something that was meaningful to the recently departed. This can be words, quotes, lyrics, or text from their favorite holy scripture to the design. If space allows, there are other grave markers add-ons that stand out more. We will discuss these in the next section.

Williams Bronze Memorial

Flat Bronze Grave Marker Add-ons and Accessories

While for many, Bronze markers are traditional and timeless, others may feel that a little extra flair is needed in order to do their story justice. One way to accomplish that extra flare is to add a porcelain cameo or a bronze vase to the design. Throughout North Texas, we certainly have the people in our lives with personalities bigger than the state itself, and these design elements are just the thing to tell their story.
Our porcelain cameo portraits are a special inlay of a full-color portrait of your loved one living their best life. The best part is, these portraits are guaranteed to last as long as the bronze it sits on.
The bronze vases are meant to either be inlaid to the bronze marker or set off to the side for larger granite pieces that allow for the room.
For more on our Bronze Memorial Accessories please read our article on it here.

Finding a Quality Bronze Memorial Maker in North Texas

The process for designing a bronze memorial depicted above takes time, effort, and a level of expertise known only to Worthington Monument in the Dallas, Ft. Worth area. We are the go-to choice when it comes time to memorialize your loved one.
Tell their story proudly, tell their story in beautiful bronze. Start building your loved one’s memorial at one of our 6 DFW area locations today.
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